TBC 75th Celebration

This week's "class" is not a formal study.  Celebrating God's goodness and grace is a great day, made known in and through Trinity Baptist Church. 

Here is the link to the Celebration Service

Here is the post from this Sunday's Trinity Kidz page post.  

The theme of today's lesson is Celebration. Trinity is celebrating its 75th anniversary with an open house, new members' reception, communion, and a Gospel reminder from Pastor Brett. The 1st—5th graders will learn about two events that remind us of what we need to celebrate: Rebirth through Jesus (John 3) and Salvation in Jesus (John 4).  

Take time today, this week, this month, and all of your time together to celebrate as a family THE HOPE WE HAVE IN JESUS CHRIST!
As you CELEBRATE GOD'S GOODNESSS AS A FAMILY, make it a habit to talk about these things regularly!

  • Talk to your children about what it means to be a local church member, which is why we are doing the We Are the Church study.  This could be a weekly talking point.
  • Talk to your children about communion. Remind them that it is a memorial and a celebration of Jesus for those who have been saved. This could be a monthly talking point.
  • TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THE GOSPEL, SALVATION, and JESUS CHRIST.  Use the booklet they will be taking home this morning.  This should be a daily conversation!

We need to remember that the church of God is the pillar that supports the truth.
It is not a marketplace for your preferred activities and ideas.

We need to share with the world about Jesus, his incarnation, righteousness, death, resurrection, and ascension.

This is the schedule for the next six weeks of class.

10/15      Prayer & the Church
10/22      The Bible & the Church
10/29      Preaching & the Church
11/05      Leadership & the Church
11/12      Discipline & the Church
11/19      The Gathering of the Church