Changes in Work

Next week I start transitional work at Mol Belting.  I will begin working at this factory from November 5th through the end of December.  I am not sure exactly what I will be doing but I do know it will be very different than what I have done for the last eleven years.
Mol Belting is aware that I am in the process of searching for a permanent job and has been very flexible and helpful.
I am thankful for how God has provided this job to help me and my family.
I would very much appreciate your prayers as I begin this new phase of life.

Below is a summary of several personal journal entries over the last three days.

This Saturday there was a lot going on emotionally for me.

The shooting at the synagogue in Pittsburgh.
When I heard the new Saturday about the shooting, I was saddened because there was another tragic shooting.  What added to my sadness in this specific situation is that it happened in a city I know and love very much.  There are still a lot of things I am trying to process through but I do know this SIN IS UGLY!  For a person to walk into a synagogue, yell anti-semitic statements and then begin shooting people is so wrong and sinful on so many different levels.  
The 14th anniversary of my dad's death.
My dad was 56 years old when he died.  Eight years before that he had a work related injury, a deflated lung, that caused him in one day to go from work crazy hours to not being able to work at all.  That injury that changed his work life happened when he was 48 years old.  Before that day my dad was a workhorse.  I remember him coming how covered in coal dust.  We would often take the long way home so he could check the barges docked at North Star.  Did you catch the math?  56 - 8 = 48.  He stopped working at 48 years.  I am 48 years old.
While I know my work transition has not been as drastic as my dad's, the impact of both of us having big work related changes at the age of 48 has been a huge over the last couple of days.  
At 48 years old, I am sure my dad was not expecting a deflated lung that day at Northstar Transfer.  There were so many hard things after that day.  Three and a half of no work and no pay.  A lot of doctor visits, a couple of near death experiences and some very hard times emotionally for him, my mom, my sister and me.  There were also blessings.  The two biggest blessings were a much slower pace which provided opportunities to spend time with dad that we would not have had at his previous work pace and opportunities for my family to see and show how God works even the most challenging times out for His glory.
At 48 years old, I was not thinking I would be working at a factory in a time of job transition.  There are several positions in ministry organizations I am waiting to here from and I am checking on renewing my expired teacher certification.  We don't know what God has next for us but I am continuing to remind myself that God has it under control.  I know that is true but I need to continually work to remember and live it out. 
To be very open and honest, over the last three days I have cried a couple of times each day.  Sometimes those tears have been because I miss my dad - remembering something about him or thinking about something I wish he was here for like the kids' sporting events.  Sometimes those tears have been because I wonder what God has in the future for me and my family.
Here are some quotes New Morning Mercies on October 28th.
You have two ways of looking at life.  You can look at all your internal and external challenges from the perspective of your track record and present catalog of abilities or you can look at them from the vantage point of the sufficiency of the work of Jesus on your behalf.
Don't give way to the fear of inability when the work of Jesus has supplied you with everything you need.
God, help me remember that Your divine power has given your children everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness (2 Peter 1:3).  All too often I look at life with me as the focus.  Remind me to see that that life is about Jesus and what He has done.  Amen.

Dad and Krista working in our Dominican Republic apartment

Some specific prayer requests:

  • Pray for my testimony at Mol Belting
  • Pray for my knee.  It is continuing to get better but still isn't 100%.
  • Pray for wisdom as I continue to look for work.
    • Getting together teacher recertification information
    • Waiting on the ministries and jobs I have sent resumes to
  • Pray as we decide on a church home

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