A letter to those in ministry who are struggling

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been writing a letter to those who are in ministry transition, those who are not sure what to do about ministry, and those who want to help pastors who are in these places. 

Here are the very basics of the letter.  If you would like a pdf copy of the letter for yourself or someone else, click HERE

For those who are in ministry, in ministry transition, or not sure what to do about ministry, 
  • Stay in the Word of God
  • Stay connected with other believers
  • Be open with people 
  • Stay connected with a local church
To those who want to help pastors, pastors in transition and those who were pastors and aren’t sure what is next.
  • Remind him of the hope he has in Jesus Christ
  • Don’t play the comparison game or allow him to play it 
  • Pray for him
  • Talk with him about more than ministry
  • Take time to meet with him face to face