Let me tell you about my weekend...

On Thursday I was hit hard with a major sinus infection or something. I mean I was out of it. I could do nothing or even say much because my head was hurting so bad. I couldn't read. I couldn't write. I didn't leave our apartment from Thursday to Sunday.

I realize during that time of being incapacitated that my wife is awesome. She did great with the boys and she even got work done around the house while helping her sick, whiny husband.

Last night after starting a prescription from our doctor in Toledo who graciously called a pharmacy here in Scranton and some advice from my gracious sister-in-law (well wait a second, is your brother-in-law's wife your sister-in-law) I am feeling much better today.

I was reading the last entry in my journal from Thursday. It was a reaction to a chapter in John Piper's book "Brothers, we are not professional." The chapter was reminding pastor that their work should be about God's glory not their own.

The last line I wrote in my journal that day was:
"God, please keep me humble."

Well I must say I have been humbled.

Continue to pray for our adjustment to life here in NEPA (Northeast Pennsylvania).
Pray for me to find a job.
High school soccer camp has been going on this week. So we have soccer players staying in the dorm.
Pray for us to be able to take care of all the details of moving into a new state.

PRAISE THE LORD I am feeling better. Pray for continued recovery.