Start of the Semester

We have started our second year here at BBC&S.

Leadership Week was good but filled with meetings.
It was very good that the boys were at Grammy's house for the week. The boys really enjoyed it.

Be praying for the new students here in Vibbard. Freshmen and transfers. Pray that Krista would be able to build relationships and encourage them as they start out the school year.

My classes are going to be challenging this semester. A lot of reading.
Foundations of the Christian Faith on Tuesdays.
Greek Reading on Wednesdays
An online Old Testament course.
And a two week module course Training Others.

In regards to reading here is an interesting account of what happened to me last night after hours in the seminary reading room in the library.

My facebook friends don't need to read on any further if you already read this note.

This is entitled "How My Wife's Facebook Account Saved My Life."
For those of you who might not know what Facebook is, it is "a social utility that connects you with the people around you." It is networking program on line.

This is a post and some actual conversations that occurred last night.

Well I am over at the seminary reading room in the library. I was ready to go home when I realized the door OUT of the seminary reading room was locked. No one in the library except me. So luckily I thought of facebook. I found a friend on line and wrote him a note. here is the correspondence:

ME: Hey, are you there? Please answer. This is Dave Rodgers.
FRIEND: What's up man?
ME: Could you do me a favor.You are going to laugh.When security was coming through the library I guess they locked me in the seminary room. I need you to call them to unlock the door for me.Thanks. Let me know if you get this. If I don't hear from you in one hour I am kicking the door down. Thanks.

Now I can only hope my friend gets my message and saves my life. I am so hungry and thirsty. Will I make it?I will let you know how this ends as soon as I know!!!
About 15 minutes later
As I check my facebook account, I realize my friend is no longer online. Did he get my final message? Will security find me in the library when they open up in the morning?

I need a bathroom.I may need to dig my way through the wall and into Roddy's office.

So to finish this "saga." I don't know what happened to my friend, who will remain anonymous.
But DARYL, must have gotten off line and never responded back.

So I got off my facebook account and got onto my wife's bbc account. One of the RAs was online. So I asked her to call security.

She did and now I am safe in my home trying to deal with all the trauma of this ordeal