A trip to the Emergency Room

Our first couple of weeks in PA have proven to be quite "interesting."
My sinus infection that first weekend. By the way I am over that. Thank God.
Krista's cold and sore throat at the beginning of the Leadership Week.
and now...
Josiah's infection. He just hasn't been feeling well. Really bad cough along with several other issues. Well, last night and today he just kept getting worse and we decided to take him to the ER tonight. They gave him an antibiotic shot. He seems to be doing better already.
Please pray for a speedy recover for him.
Also pray for us. These health issues have been weighing us down.

We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is good because He has been providing for us during this whole time. As a matter of fact at one point when we were feeling down God provided encouragement for us through a care package from some good friends of ours. (Thanks for the pizza card and other gifts.)

Please continue to pray for us. Thanks.


Student Leadership Week!!

This weekend the RAs (resident assistants), student government representatives and fall sports players moved into the dorms. We have several girls in the dorm now.

Be praying for Krista this week. It is leadership training week for the RDs and RAs and she has a lot of meetings and planning times with her RA.

Pray for her strength. She has a cold/sore throat.

Pray for her mind. There is going to be a lot of information for her to get and to share during this week.

Pray for her heart. She is going to have the opportunity to build a lot of relationships with the girls in the dorm. Pray that she and the RAs will connect this week that will help them be able to effectively minister to the girls in Vibbard Hall.

Pray for the Prayer time on Monday night. The RAs and RDs do an overnight prayer vigil from Monday 3:00 pm until Tuesday 2:00 pm. Pray Krista would feel well enough to go. Also pray the time would focus on God and His plans for the year.

While Krista is involved in her meeting, Joel, Josiah and I will be in the wonderful care of Grammy (my mom). Pray for her time out here this week.

We have very much appreciated your prayers and support so far. Please continue to pray for my job hunting process. I am hoping to hear back from some places this week.

God wants worshippers before workers; indeed, the only acceptable workers arethose who have learned the art of worship.
A. W. Tozer