Time for the Talk: Leading Your Son Into True Manhood

Zollos writes that the talk is not a specific one-time conversation you have with your son.  It is  "a process that takes many years and can be profoundly rewarding."

While this book is written specifically written to fathers, it contains a preface to mothers.
It's up to you to show him that becoming a true man depends on being changed by the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.

Here are some quotes from the book...

Your young man needs conviction and these cannot come from you.  Convictions come from hearing the LORD.

The book talks about developing these six characteristics in your son.

To pursue humility means choosing to accept the fact that your knowledge and abilities are limited and in light of that, you are regularly seeking help and graciously receiving advice and correction.

To pursue courage means choosing to do what is right despite the opposition of others or your own desires (often the more difficult enemy to fight).

To pursue moral purity means choosing to live by the highest moral principles in both speech and physical relations despite your own desires to do otherwise and despite any external pressures to compromise.

To pursue faithfulness means acting in integrity, keeping your word and doing what is right before God, with fortitude, and without complaint because you trust God to give you the ability to complete all things he has given you to do.

To pursue selflessness means placing the well being of others before your own needs and desires.

To pursue self-control means to live according to the Spirit of God, choosing to glorify God with our lives and denying the sinful nature when tempted to do otherwise. 

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