Dark Clouds Deep Mercy

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy is a difficult book to read.  Not only because it deals with the topic of lament, but even more so because it seems to go against so much of what we hear in "Americanized Christian" circles.  A self-centered message that says God is glorified when we get what we want.

Vroegop's connection of Biblical truth with personal stories helped me wrestle through the topics especially as it relates to my own personal struggles.
The basic explanation of Biblical lament - turn to God, complain, ask, and trust -  helps the reader understand what it is and how to pray lament prayers.  Vroegop walks the readers through these steps using various Psalms and the book of Lamentations.  The section on Godly, biblical complaining is especially helpful - come humbly, pray the Bible, be honest, don't just complain.

This book is a helpful resource for those who have gone through or are going through difficulties and those who desire to help others go through these times.  The four appendices are easily accessible resources.  Since reading the book, I have used these resources in my own life and to help other people.

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy's focus on God and use of scripture are necessary, challenging, and often hard to hear in this self-centered world.  These Biblical, God-glorifying truths have been such a blessing to me.

I was provided a complimentary electronic copy of this book through Crossway's Blog Review Program.  Immediately after finishing the book, I purchased a hard copy.

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