Prayer requests and Praises

Prayer requests:
1. Establishing our apartment. As of today, we have a living room and kitchen unpacked. We also have most of Joel’s room done.
2. Finding a job. I was able to make some contacts and get some resumes out. I also found out about a couple of other possibilities. Pray for a job that would allow me to provide for our family and also be flexible with my seminary schedule.
3. Preparing to minister to the college students. Krista has already been able to make a good contact with one of the Resident Assistant girls. Pray for the students that will be in our dorm (Vibbard Hall)
4. Preparing for seminary life. I will be meeting with my advisor soon to look at the schedule we established this past spring. Pray for wisdom there and also pray for added strength when it comes to studying. Praise- We did get an additional two rooms that we were hoping to get. This will give me a specific area for studying.

1. Safety as we traveled. Krista’s trip out with Josiah, Joel, her mom and Sarah took 12 hours. They did arrive safely. My trip out here with my father-in-law was shorter than that. We needed to get out here between 2:00 – 4:30 to take advantage of some college student help. We actually arrived here before the help. We had sixteen college guys help us move into our apartment.
2. The blessing of so many family and friends who were willing to help with packing and loading up the truck. By the way, we did get the couch into our apartment here at BBC&S.
3. Joel has two new friends and really enjoys playing with them.
4. The blessing of the additional rooms in our apartment.
5. For God’s amazing grace in everything.

Some notes!!

On July 23rd I had the opportunity to share about our move to Baptist Bible College and Seminary.

I wanted to share a couple of these things.

1. To effectively and powerfully preach God’s Word.
2. To live a life among people that would demonstrate a dependence on God and a desire to please Him.
3. To equip the people of God for worship and service. (Eph. 4:12)
4. To teach and train adults as well as high school students.
5. To see people become more and more involved in their churches not just for the sake of busyness but for God’s kingdom.

I found this in my journal from November 19, 1999. I don’t know where I got it from but I know it is not original.
I want to be a man
· Who is moved by faith
· Who is fired by love
· Who is godly
· Who is careful about the worship of God
· Who serves God, not men
· Who prizes Christ
· Who weeps over sin
· Who loves the Word
· Who has the Spirit of God residing in him
· Who is humble
· Who is prayerful
· Who is sincere
· Who is zealous
· Who is patient
· Who is thankful
· Who loves the saints
· Who does indulge in any sin
· Who is good in his relationship with others
· Who is thoroughly trained in religion
· Who walks with God
· Who strives to be an instrument for making others Godly


Moving and all it entails

Please be praying for me as I search for a job. Now that we are here I need to begin focusing on this aspect of life.

I need to find something that will support a family and be flexible with my class schedule.

By the way it is soooo hot here. The heat index is 110 degrees.


At Baptist Bible College and Seminary

We are beginning the process of getting settled into our new apartment.

The last couple of weeks have been crazy but now we are here! Thanks be to God who blessed us with so many different people to help!

-Thank you to all the ladies who helped us pack up our stuff into boxes.
-Thank you to all the guys who came to help us pack the boxes and furniture into the moving truck. A special thanks to Larry. The people out here were very impressed with our usage of space.
-Thank you to all the ladies who helped us clean up our apartment in Toledo.
-Thank you to Shane and all the TLC counselors who helped us unpack.
-Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our move. Please continue to do so.
-Thank you very much to Krista's parents for all of their help in Toledo, on the way out to BBC&S and their help here.