Couldn't think of a title!!

Well today was an interesting day in the Rodgers' household.

Krista is at the emergency room tonight with one of the girls from the dorm. Krista has been doing a good job with connecting with many of the girls and being a mother of two.

I spent the late morning and all afternoon running resumes around town.
PLEASE continue to pray for the job situation. I have had several opportunities that have seemed like sure things kind of fizzle out. Not sure why.
I have told Krista, it has really been a pride issue for me. I think the interviews or conversations go well and then nothing.

Second week of class has finished up. It has been a challenging two week (challenging = spiritual wake up call)

  • Krista's ministry with the girls of Vibbard Hall
  • My continued job search.
  • Rest (physical but especially spiritual rest in the Lord)
  • Wisdom in deciding upon a church to get involved in.
  • Joel as he continues to adjust to the move and living with all of his "big sisters. (He is quite the little showboat in the lounge when there is an audience.)


  • Josiah is doing so much better health wise.
  • Opportunities Krista has already had to connect with and minister to the girls of Vibbard Hall
  • The challenges God has put before us because they are teaching us to depend on Him.


My GPA and birthday!

I just got my first score back on a quiz.

Right now my GPA is 4.0. One quiz from one class.

A strong start.

Yesterday was the seminary picnic and in place of the regular staff vs. students softball game we played a modified game of kickball in the gym. I played a pretty good game but we still lost.

The problem was waking up this morning on my 36th birthday after playing the game. I guess my comeback to the NBA is not going to happen. Wait a second, I never was in the NBA. I guess my chances of becoming the oldest rookie in the NBA have slipped away.