Finals Week

This week is finals week.
I have an exam Thursday morning 6:30 - Greek 2
My other exam is Friday morning 7:00 - Dynamics of Spiritual Growth

This week is also a busy week for Krista.
Tuesday night at 10:30 dorm meeting. They are going to be doing many things regarding next year. Room sign ups. Introducing new officers.
Thursday night is the RA/RD banquet.

This Thursday is Joel's last day of kinderstart, the prekindergarten class he has been going to on campus here. He has had a good year there and he is getting so tall. He also has quite the imagination. Friday, he was with a babysitter and asked if it was O.K. if they played the video games that he brought. She said yes and then looked through his bag but didn't see any games. He was talking about his pretend video games and preceded to play them with the babysitter and his pretend friend Matt.

Josiah has a couple of teeth coming through and he has started to crawl everywhere.

Please be praying for us here. God bless.