This week's question is, "Are the Spiritual Disciplines Increasingly Important to You?"

The Christian Spiritual Disciplines are the God-ordained means found in Scripture by which we bring ourselves before God, experience Him, and are changed into Christlikeness.

Spiritual Disciplines are personal and interpersonal.

Spiritual Disciplines are biblical.

Spiritual Disciplines are sufficient.

The Spirit of God works through each of these disciplines in unique ways.

The Spiritual Disciplines are practices, not attitudes.

The Spiritual Disciplines are derived from the gospel, not divorced from it. Every Spiritual Discipline is meant to take us deeper into the gospel's glories.

The Spiritual Disciplines are the means to godliness, not the ultimate definition.  1st Timothy 4:7.

You will not think of the disciplines as mere duties or simply as Christlike patterns to follow but rather as ways to experience life and light from heaven to your soul.

The Spiritual Disciplines are not the marks of Christlikeness as much as they are the means to it.

Devote yourself more to pursuing Christlikeness and enjoying God through Spiritual Disciplines than to achieving efficiency and completing to-do lists.

Resist the temptation to believe in microwave spirituality or short-cut Christlikeness.

Stoke your spiritual life with at least one perceptible poke.