Role Reversal

This is Krista—I’m actually typing my first blog! I now know a glimpse of what dorm life is like for David! I am home alone while David is working (the boys are in bed) and I hear voices all around me…it’s Men’s Retreat here and our dorm is filled with men! If I choose to go to the laundry room I have to yell “Woman on the floor”, how strange is that? Actually I think I’ll choose to stay locked in my apartment!

I also want to share a blessing with you that David has not posted in his blogs. He was honored at the seminary Awards chapel as he was awarded a $1,000 scholarship for this coming year. The boys and I were there to see him receive it and are very proud of him for the hard work he has put into this year. It was a blessing financially as it is the same amount as a scholarship he received last year but is only given to first year students. God keeps proving himself as faithful Provider.

Borders Trivia!

Tonight I am going to work at Borders so I thought I would do something random.
A Book quiz for today:

Since I have been working for Borders, there have been only two blackout times, that is days employees cannot ask off. Can you give the reason for both times period?
1. November 25 through January 10
2. July 20-22

The answers will be posted on Tuesday night.

You can leave your answers as a post on this blog.


Jamaica Trip

BBS is sponsoring a mission trip to Jamaica from October 19 through 28. I have the privilege of going. We are going to be teaching a Biblical Leadership class at Fairview Baptist Bible College along with doing some other ministry in the area. The student leadership team at BBS is hoping to build an ongoing relationship with Fairview.

We had an organizational meeting today and it went very well. We have a great group of guys going along. Please be praying for us as we begin to prepare our curriculum and other things