Go Tell It - Missions

This post contains quotes and lists from the first week of missions in the Go Tell It class - in italics - and brief explanations.

Missions is the work of the Local Church.

While mission agencies, denominations, and seminaries are helpful in the work of missions, we must remember that God's plan is for the local church to be at the forefront of this work. The local church is not just a supporter or a sponsor but an active participant in spreading the Gospel.

We see churches engaged in mission work in the Bible (Philippians, 3 John, and throughout)

. The church cannot delegate this responsibility to others.  

What does Trinity Baptist Church look for in mission work

  • focused on work aimed at planting and/or strengthening local churches
  • focused on work being done well theologically and methodologically
  • focus on work and workers with whom we could have a significant relationship.
The church, the truth, and involvement.  Our ministry involvement overseas is usually meant to help God's church grow.  Our ministry involvement in the statements is designed to help the church and our church. 

Local church responsibilities

  1. pray regularly for supported workers
  2. show hospitality during stateside visits
  3. be informed
  4. adopt a supported worker
  5. go on a short-term mission trip and support trips
  6. read up on global missions
  7. provide additional teammates

As a gathering of believers, our responsibilities include much more than just signing and sending a check.  The seven responsibilities are beyond financial support.

"The glory of the gospel - not the neediness of mankind - is the self-sustaining fuel for global missions."  Missions by Johnson

Remember, missions is about God.