Fall Update

Check the link on the side "The view out our backdoor." Some great fall pictures.

I recently wrote a friend and said something like this "Life Gets Crazy. God is always Good."

We are continuing to learn what our roles and responsibilities are here. Joel, Josiah and Krista went to a corn maze on Friday with the girls from the dorm. They (Joel and Krista) said it was a lot of fun. It is called Roba Farms

I have been working "normal" hours at Borders (not 11 t0 7). It has been good to have a job. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us.

I just finished a week long module (one week class for one credit with some post-class work). It was a great class taught by Dr. Bill Rudd.

There have been challenges in dorm life, seminary, job and family but we know that God is bigger than anything we could ever face. Pray we would live that truth out daily.

I know may family and I would especially appreciate your prayers this month. Two years ago this month my dad passed away. Please pray for extra strength for us during this time. I know my mom and sister would appreciate the prayers and I would to considering what my schedule is like that Monday and Tuesday at the end of this month. Lots of work and lots of emotional stuff. Thanks.

Just wanted to give a quick post to let everyone know we are still here and the God is always Good.