Leadership Week

This week has been CrAzY but good. At the beginning of the week students playing fall sports and student leaders (Resident Assistants and Student Government) moved into the dorms.

All of the student leaders and Resident Directors (Krista) have been attending seminars and planning things for the dorm. On Monday night they had a prayer retreat at a camp.

They continue with meetings tomorrow and on Friday new students begin arriving. Be praying for the remainder of the Leadership week and the new student orientation this weekend.

During this time I have been taking a Greek Grammar course. I know that title sounds really excited but it has actually provided me with a great opportunity to review for my fall class, which I probably should have been doing more of throughout the summer. Tuesday is my first class of the new semester. One of the minor blessing this fall semester is that I have NO 6:30 am classes. If we stay on the class schedule I have set up for the next two years this will be the only semester this will occur. Every other semester has at least one 6:3o class.

You might be wondering what the boys are doing while we are so busy with leadership week and classes. The boys are enjoying the week at Grammy's house. The weather has not been great for them but I am sure the boys are enjoying their time with Grammy and their cousin.