Excited to Share about The Cost and Rewards of Discipleship

I am excited to share at First Baptist Church in Wauseon, OH this Sunday, May 2.
I was asked to kick off their mission's emphasis week with a sermon on the costs and rewards of discipleship.

Here are two main questions that I plan to answer in the sermon.
Question 1:  What does discipleship cost?
Questions 2:  What are the rewards of discipleship?

Here are the answers:
Answer to question 1:  Everything!
Answer to question 2:  The biggest reward is God himself!

I am planning to use this site to post some additional resources from the message as helps to you.
Please do not get overwhelmed by this list.  Each resource has a brief comment to help you understand what it is about and if it is something you might need right now.

Sermon notes click HERE

Books Mentioned:

God is the Gospel:  Click HERE for a free pdf of the book
This book will help you gain a deeper understanding of and love for the God of Gospel and what He has done for His glory and your good.
Full god is the gospel

The Trellis and The Vine:  Click HERE for more about this book.
This book will really help you think through your role in the ministry of your church.
The Trellis and the Vine

Do More Better:  Click HERE for more about this book and other resources.
This short book on productivity will help you think Biblically about some of the good time management and productivity principles you have heard.


At Emmanuel Baptist Church we have been trying to help the church see that Biblical Counseling is just another way to say discipleship.
Biblical Counseling is helping people think Biblically about the problems.

Here is a brief story of how God used a sign and Biblical counseling in someone's life.

Lori Allen Story from Emmanuel Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Here are two testimonies of how God is using Biblical counseling around the world.

Why Biblical Counseling? - 2 Testimonies from Uganda from Emmanuel Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Some additional internet resources:


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