Pray With Our Eyes On God

Prayer Requests:
  • Family
We would very much apprecaite your prayers for Krista, the kids, and me during this time.  Pray our eyes would be on God not our difficulties.  
  • Job search. 
I would love to find a pastoral ministry job that would provide the opportunity for me to use my gifts and passions.  Pray God would show us possiblities.
Lord willing, my Michigan Math Teacher Certification should be done soon.  Pray this process would be clear and if possible quick and easy. 
As of right now (09.10.19), there are no new job possibilities in the future, which is disheartening.
  • Housing
We have begun the search for a more affordable rental, ideally beginning mid-October/beginning of November. 
  • Finances
While our current job siutation has provided some financial challenges, God has blessed us in so many different ways - assistance with housing, tuition, car repairs, and so much more.  
  • Church 
Trinity Baptist Church has been such a blessing during this time.  I have shared before about the small group that has been a help to us.  Pastor Brett's messages have encouraged us to trust in and glorify God in everything.