Family Health Update 2

Tonight Krista found a red mark on Joel's leg that looks like chicken pox.

His reaction when she said that was "It's not chicken pox. It's a mark from when I fell down outside."

End of the semester.

Family health update:
Josiah has pink eye AND chicken pox. The chicken pox is a mild case that appears to be localized to his legs.

The seminary has one more week of classes.
The college has two more weeks.

This upcoming week my schedule looks like this:
Monday -
an 8 page project for Training Ministries.
Tuesday -
a five page doctrinal paper
a fifteen page term paper
a take home exam
a Greek vocab final
26 weeks of sermon outlines to finish out a year long preaching calendar.

This past week was student preachers in the seminary chapel. I had the opportunity to speak on Thursday. You can hear my sermon, along with the other student preachers, at