Surgery Day Hope Reminder


We have been reminding Josiah and ourselves that this senior year injury reminds us of some critical, fundamental truths.
 It is not everything.  It is not a defining event.
It is not nothing. It is a significant event in his life.
It is something.  God is using this for His glory in Josiah’s life.  

This is part of a devotional I read to Josiah before his shoulder surgery. While we are disappointed that he will miss sports for a big chunk of his senior year.  We pray that his and our hope in God will continue to grow.

 “Hope:  Living Confidently in God”  by John Crotts The verse is Psalm 62:5

“The fact that we have to wait on God is not accidental. It is not a delay. He designs waiting times, using them to build our patience and strengthen our hope. When God’s children patiently expect him to bring the help they need, it shows that they recognize their dependence on him and trust him to come through.”

“God’s timing also has purposes beyond you. Have you considered God may be delaying the answer to your prayer so that your testimony of waiting (prolonging your active hope) on him can help someone else who is watching?”

“Although you cannot access God’s calendar, you can know his heart as revealed in his Word. Your hope for God’s good work in future events is as sure as all God has accomplished in the past. Until God finishes his plan, you must wait for him—but you can know for certain that God’s sovereign plan is good and wise. Waiting upon him is never in vain. He will always come through. He will deliver on every one of his promises. Your godly desires will be satisfied, according to God’s perfect will and in God’s perfect timing.”

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