Gods Glory Joshua & David Brainerd

Biblical:  Joshua 23, 24

Joshua 23:6 - 10 contains great truth about who God is and what He has done

Joshua 24:1 - 13 contains 

Joshua 24:14 - 24 contains 

A couple of weeks ago, we did Joshua 23 and 24 with the children.  HERE is a link to the lesson resources.

Historical: David Brainerd

"God is at work for the glory of His name and the good of His church even when rhw good intentions of His servants fail."  John Piper 

"God can and does use weak, sick, discouraged, beat-down, lonely, struggling saints who cry to God day and night to accomplish amazing things for Hs glory."  John Piper 

The Hidden Smile of God click for a free pdf of the book is about the lives of John Bunyan, William Cowper, and David Brainerd. 

David Brainerd:  May I Never Loiter on My Heavenly Journey!  


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