Marks of a Christian

This Summer's Combined Study is "Marks of a Christian."

There are 13 marks/characteristics we will go through. 
They are the Fruit of the Spirit - FoS (Galatians 5:22-23) and several key virtues from a book entitled Time for the Talk - T4T  
This book is very helpful in leading your son into manhood, but the 6 virtues are good ones for parents to teach and model for their boys and girls. You can read the link for a better understanding of the book.  During the July combined parents/children time, the focus will be on using those four virtues in parenting.
If you want to read more about this book go to

The basic premise of each class will be 
  • Share a simple explanation/definition of the characteristic (Some examples and other resoures )
  • Teaching about the characteristic - This teaching can be developed from
    • Scripture about the characteristic (click HERE for PDF resource) 
    • the character of the Trinity
    • as it relates to the Fruit of the Spirit, a contrast to Galatians 5:19 - 21
  • Some discussion and prayer on living this characteristic out
June 2... Introduction/Humility (T4T) - Pastor Dave
June 9... Love (FoS)
June 16... Joy (FoS)
June 23... Peace (FoS)
June 30... Patience (FoS) 

July 7... Courage (T4T)
July 14... Purity (T4T)
July 21... Faithfulness (FoS) (T4T)
July 28... Selflessness (T4T)

August 4... Kindness (FoS)
August 11... Goodness (FoS)
August 18... Gentleness (FoS)
August 25... Self-Control (FoS) (T4T)
Please let me know if you are willing and available to teach any of the lessons from June 9th through the end of August.
For planning, please let me know your first and second preferences.
Thank you.  

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