Church 2.0



During this strange time of 2020, there has been talk about the new normal.  While many things are and will continue to be different, the church must always focus on the one who never changes, the Ancient of Days, as we share the hope of the Gospel with brothers and sisters in the church and this very needy world.  This Gospel hope needs to be our normal, no matter the circumstances.  This encouragement and evangelism is done through God-glorifying, Christ-centered, Word-focus, and Spirit-empowered relationships  

Why Church 2.0 is a  three-week Sunday night study designed as part of Trinity Baptist Church's restart of our Sunday night meetings.  The focus of the study will remind each of us what the church is in the Bible (week #1), what the church is at 2050 Aberdeen St (week #2), and what the church is going forward (week #3).  The first half of each session will be a larger group teaching time.  The second half will be several small group prayer and discussion time.  Each week I will post about each session.

The title, Church 2.0, suggests a new and improved church.  However, it is my hope and prayer that God would use this study to remind the church that disciple-making is not about new and improved programs or old and familiar programs.  Disciple-making is about building relationships that help others grow in their relationship with God.  During the study we will look at unity in the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:1 - 16), care within the Body of Christ, (Acts 6:1 - 7), encouragement within the Body of Christ (Hebrews 10:19 - 25), and prayer for the Body of Christ (1st Thessalonians 3:9 - 13).  The "new normal" of church and disciple-making needs to focus first and foremost on the Biblical way of disciple-making.

In the first of the four Why Church messages in 2017 Pastor Brett shared that one of the reasons for the church is because the Christian life is meant to be lived with other believers.  We need to regularly be reminded of this fact.  

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